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Known as Bagh Chal / Tiger and Goats / Moving Tigers it is one of the most popular two player strategic board game originating in Nepal. OB is its online real time version. Start here: help, playing or finished

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kotalaser (bagh)---waitingJul 21, 2015Waiting for playerJoin
baghchal1 (bagh)---waitingJul 18, 2015Waiting for playerJoin
baghchal1 (goat)computergiveupJul 18, 2015Gave Up by baghchal1Details
baghchal1 (goat)computerfinishedJul 18, 2015Won by computerDetails
bishwa123 (bagh)---waitingJul 8, 2015Waiting for playerJoin
prabeshrumu (goat)---waitingJul 5, 2015Waiting for playerJoin
hereshem (goat)computerfinishedJun 27, 2015Won by hereshemDetails
bhu1st (bagh)tiger100finishedJun 21, 2015Won by bhu1stDetails
bhu1st (bagh)tiger100finishedJun 21, 2015Won by bhu1stDetails
Olxixori (goat)BishwasplayingJun 18, 2015Game is runningWatch